ALL diagnostics tools are in stock and have plenty of inverntory! Some GPS's are sold out at the current time (9516, 9508, 9509, and 9513).


I just ordered the CanDoo Pro last week, and was planning on using it for normal maintenance since I don't have a Suzuki Outboard dealer within 100 miles of my home. In true Murphy's Law fashion, my outboard died on a Friday night leading into Memorial Day Weekend. Mild panic set in at this point, but I figured it was an excellent time to test the CanDoo Pro tool. I hooked up the tool, and wham, the power drops in the middle of connecting the tool to the outboard. Now the tool is locked up and the outboard is still dead. At 9p.m. on a holiday weekend Friday night, I emailed CanDoo with a desperate request for help fixing the tool. I walked away and figured the boat was going to sit until Tuesday. I was wrong, within 15 minutes, I had an email in my inbox with detailed instructions on how to reboot the CanDoo Pro tool. I couldn't believe it, tech support well after closing time on a holiday weekend. I rebooted the tool, plugged into my outboard, and was able to diagnose in minutes what my problem was. Before the sun came up on Saturday, the outboard was running and CanDoo Pro saved the holiday weekend. This tool is very easy to use, provides a wealth of information and tools for diagnosing motor failure. The company is not only reputable, but personable and substantially more supportive to the end user than any marine shop I have ever dealt with. The adapters are well built, solid, and work! Everything about this system is well made, even the box to store the tool. I highly recommend CanDoo Pro, well worth the money.

Grant Varner, 05/30/2017